Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC Review

Panasonic are the brand that first invented breadmakers – all the way back in the eighties when the company was still known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.

Since then, they’ve produced innovative breadmaker after innovative breadmaker- and there’re no signs of them stopping doing so!

One of their many bread making machines is the Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC. This stunning stainless steel machine is already a joy to look at – but it’s what inside that counts, after all.

Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC Stainless Steel Bread Maker


Three different sized loaves; Rapid bake; 13 hour time delay; 10 minute power interruption protection; Diamond flouro coated breadpan

Made by: Panasonic, Available: In stock

Product features

  • Rapid bake– for when you need good bread, but quickly.
  • 13-hour time delay– your bread can be ready for exactly when you want it – be it first thing in the morning for breakfast or for dinnertime.
  • Speciality modes– make gluten-free bread, pizza dough, and much, much more.

The SD-ZB2502BXC can be found here on Amazon, where the bargain of a price will get you;

  • The machine itself
  • A breadpan
  • Kneading blade
  • Measuring cup
  • Measuring spoon
  • Recipe book

So- how did it perform for the team?


Ratings and reviews

Quality - 9
90 %
Performance - 9
90 %
Features - 10
100 %

As a whole, the SD-ZB2502BXC is one of the most versatile and high-quality breadmakers we have ever had the joy of using.

For starters, the sleek, stainless steel design brings something as homely and rustic as a breadmaker into the 21st century, and will match most home interiors.

The size of the machine shouldn’t be a problem- it’s the perfect size to fit underneath wall-mounted cabinets, and to be stored away in a cupboard afterwards.

To get a proper, comprehensive experience with the product, we decided to give some of its features and settings a go, instead of just making your average loaf of white/brown bread and calling it a day. All of the recipes we followed are featured in the recipe book that comes with the machine.

We started with something easy, and decided to create a basic whole grain loaf.

We gathered all of the needed ingredients, weighed them according to the recipe, and placed them into the machine, pressed the buttons accordingly, and we were good to go. This preparation process took 5-10 minutes, if that!

The baking took several hours, but believe us; it was worth the wait.

Once the bread was finished baking, we left it to cool on a wire rack as recommended (it’s important to leave your finished product to TOTALLY cool, otherwise, water vapour may not escape properly, and you’ll end up with soggy bread).

The finished result? A perfectly formed loaf of bread without all of the added nastiness that you might find in store-bought bread (yes, even whole grain!). The texture was perfect thanks to the perfectly-mixed dough, and the bread even kept for the few days that it lasted before being totally eaten.

Next, we decided to give the machine’s pizza dough function a go. The machine can create several kinds of dough without baking them afterwards- but seeing as we’re pizza-lovers- it was the pizza dough option that caught our eye in particular.

Following the included recipe book once again, we gathered our ingredients, weighed them out, and let the machine do all of the hard work.

About 45 minutes later, we were left with perfectly-mixed pizza dough, ready to be kneaded. We made our pizza bases, added toppings, and placed them in the oven – but would the finished product fare up to our much-loved (and unfortunately, much unhealthy) takeaway pizzas?

Absolutely. In fact, we preferred them! There’s no grease, plastic-y cheese, or anything strange and artificial added into the mix, and the pizza dough was perfect – not rock-solid, but not soggy either.

Finally, we decided to test the machine’s fruit and nut dispenser. This nifty little feature works automatically, and ensures that a correct and even amount of product is mixed into the dough at the appropriate time (some breadmakers function in a way that all of the product sinks to the bottom of the loaf- not ideal).

We placed our filling into the dispenser, added the rest of the ingredients into the machine (again, following the recipe book), and waited.

The final product was picture-perfect to the images shown in the recipe book – perfectly baked bread, an even crust, and the product dispersed evenly throughout the loaf.

The only problem that we encountered with using the machine was eating everything we made afterwards!

And so begins our long list of advantages.


The machine is easy to use regardless of the product that you intend to make. The simple interface and instruction manual give you all of the guidance you need – you’ll be a pro breadmaker in no time!

One thing that we liked about the machine was that it was fairly quiet whilst doing its thing. This is obviously a bonus if you wish to use the machine’s delay function so you have fresh bread ready in the morning, as you won’t be woken up during the night.

The main perk of the machine is probably its versatility. There’s the vast selection of functions (the three that we tested are a small portion of what the machine can do- and that’s before you even get to the machine’s jam and compote mode, the 100% gluten free program, the rye bread program…).

Another thing worth noting is how safe the machine is to use. Thanks to the CoolTouch housing, we didn’t burn ourselves when we accidentally brushed our arm against the machine whilst it was baking. This is ideal if you want to get younger relatives to join in on the fun.

Which brings us to our final advantage; the machine is a ton of fun to use. Just like any other breadmaker, it’s much more enjoyable and rewarding gathering the ingredients, weighing them, and waiting for your bread to bake than it is rifling around for spare change and walking to the corner shop.

We only encountered one (very minor) disadvantage with the SD-ZB2502BXC.

The alarm that sounds -approximately eight beeps- to say that your bread is finished is rather quiet – we would recommend setting an alarm on your phone or with a timer of some sort. Remember, it’s important to remove your bread from the machine as soon as it is finished, otherwise, you may end up with a soggy crust.

Apart from that, we were hooked.

We would recommend the SD-ZB2502BXC to bread makers of any skill level.

Even if you’re experienced in using breadmakers, the wide array of functions and programs that the SD-ZB2502BXC has is bound to impress.

If it’s one of your first times using a bread-maker machine, the helpful and varied recipe book, and easy to use interface makes creating a range of products an absolute breeze.

If you’re looking to begin making your own bread, dough, and other bread products, this is the machine for you.

Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC Review
9.5 Total Score


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Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC Stainless Steel Bread Maker


Three different sized loaves; Rapid bake; 13 hour time delay; 10 minute power interruption protection; Diamond flouro coated breadpan

Made by: Panasonic, Available: In stock