Panasonic SD-2511B Breadmaker Review

Panasonic SD-2511B

Panasonic are known worldwide for producing a wide range of innovative breadmakers, and so they should be; they were the brand that invented them all the way back in the eighties!

The SD-2511B is no exception to Panasonic’s trend of manufacturing world-class breadmakers.

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This nifty little machine comes with a whole host of features, including;

Product features

  • 17 programs– create everything from sourdough, to soda bread, to pizza dough- and beyond!
  • Jam and compote mode– this machine even allows you to create your own homemade jam and compote- with some help from the included recipe book, of course!
  • Temperature sensor-the programs adjust each process according to the current room temperature.

You can find the SD-2511B on Amazon here, where the price will get you;

  • The machine itself
  • Measuring spoon
  • Two sourdough cups
  • A sourdough starter spoon
  • Instruction manual
  • Recipe book

Everything you’ll ever need to begin making your own bread, then.

We were eager to begin putting the SD-2511B to the test. We chose a few of the recipes out of the book, gathered all of our ingredients, and got to work.

Ratings and reviews

Quality - 9
90 %
Performance - 9
90 %
Features - 10
100 %

The SD-2511B can make a wide array of bread products, and well.

For everything that we made, we followed the recipe book that was included with the machine.

First, we decided to really put the machine to the test by creating one of the more obscure recipes – sourdough bread.

Sourdough bread is (allegedly) trickier to make than your average white or wholegrain loaf, but this machine made it seem like an absolute breeze. All we had to do was gather and measure the ingredients as described in the recipe book, place them into the machine, and program it according to the book.

The finished product was a perfectly formed sourdough loaf that was uniform in texture and appearance. Coming from a group of people who were previously more familiar with takeaway pizza bread than sourdough bread, we were extremely impressed.

Next up, we made a run of the mill whole grain loaf. To add another element to the review, we decided to make it in time for breakfast, and to give the machine’s jam and compote mode a go.

Again, we gathered and measured the ingredients – for both the bread and the jam – placed them into the machine, programmed it accordingly, and waited.

The machine even makes something as non-extravagant as a whole grain loaf of bread seem like the most delicious thing you’ve ever eaten. The jam and compote mode also fared well, and the lack of unneeded added sugar and preservatives was refreshing.

Finally, we tested the machine’s capacity to make seeded gluten-free bread.

We added all of the ingredients as per the other recipes, but this time, we placed our choice of seeds into the machine’s automatic ingredient dispenser. This handy little feature drops your choice of an ingredient into the dough mix at an appropriate time and manner, which means no more loaves with all of the ingredients sunk to the bottom!

We also enlisted the help of one of our friends, who unfortunately suffers from a gluten intolerance. Their experience so far with gluten-free bread had been a disappointing one – they found that most readily-available gluten-free bread was dry, flavourless, and just didn’t seem…right.

The finished result was a normal-looking seeded loaf of bread – but a gluten-free version, of course.

Our verdict was in a very similar vein to our verdicts for the rest of the products that we created- delicious, just the right texture, and a lot more impressive and healthy than a lot of the store-bought products that we’ve consumed in the past.

Now for the most important verdict; that of our friend’s. After tolerating dull, unenjoyable gluten-free bread products for the vast majority of their life, they were extremely impressed by the loaf that the SD-2511B produced.

Overall, we had an enjoyable set of experiences using the SD-2511B, all of which had a common result; fresh, tasty bread products, without all of the hidden nastiness that tends to come with store-bought products.

Advantages? The SD-2511B comes with many.

The SD-2511B is one of the easiest bread makers we’ve ever had the joy of reviewing. It’s simple yet varied recipe book and 7-button interface is foolproof – regardless of the complexity of the product you’re making. All you have to do is put the ingredients in as the recipe books tells you to, and then let the machine do all of the work.

If you’re looking to create a wide variety of different products with the breadmaker that you purchase, the SD-2511B is your best bet. This machine can make everything from your average white or wholegrain loaf, to cake, to brioche – and much, much more.

Apart from a few rather fickle and solve-able things, we found very few faults with the SD-2511B.

The machine is rather large height-wise, which may mean – for some- that you cannot fit it underneath a wall-mounted cabinet. With a multitude of other places to place the machine, though, this is a bit of a non-issue.

Once the machine has finished making your product- be it a finished product or dough- you are notified of this by a series of eight beeps from the machine. Unfortunately, these beeps are quite quiet – so much so that you would most likely struggle to hear them from the next room. This can easily be solved by setting a matching alarm on your phone or a timer.

Overall, we were greatly impressed with this Panasonic bread maker – again!

The SD-2511B cements Panasonic as one of the world’s leading breadmaker manufacturers – we’re yet to review one of their machines that hasn’t lived up to our high expectations.

We would recommend this machine to bread making experts and first-timers alike; the easy-to-follow recipe book and simple interface means that even younger members of the family can join in on the fun.

Panasonic SD-2511B Breadmaker Review
9.5 Total Score


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