Why does my homemade bread go off so quickly?

We’ve frequently discussed the hidden nastiness that can crop up in store-bought bread. Preservatives, additives, sugar, and bleach (yes, that kind of bleach) all often appear in your go-to loaf of supermarket bread – no matter how much the words ‘healthy’, ‘whole grain’, or ‘low fat’ are featured on the label.

One of the best things about making your own bread products is that practically all of these rather gross things are eliminated – leaving you with fresh and tasty bread, pizza, or cake that has minimum impact on your health.

Something we’ve noticed during our time using bread maker machines is the sheer amount of people that complain that their bread or cake has gone off only a few days after making it.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do about this. Homemade bread doesn’t come with any added preservatives, which is why you find that you’re left with a stale or mouldy loaf after a short period of time.

On the bright side, you aren’t ingesting any weird, unknown, unpronounceable chemicals – and it usually tastes a lot nicer!

To make the most out of all the bread products you make, we recommend only ever making as much as you need in one go – you can always make more bread, but never less. If you’ve really overdone it, most bread products can be frozen and defrosted at a later date. Or be the best friend/neighbour ever and give some away!

Or you could eat a whole loaf in one go. Your call.