Breadmakerreviews.co.uk – what are we about?

As a team of bread-making experts and enthusiasts, our mission is to spread the word on bread maker machines up and down the country – and hopefully the world. In turn, we’re spreading the word on easy-to-make, healthier, and, most importantly, delicious bread,

Our love for breadmakers and bread-making began a year or so ago. The full team decided to go on a health kick, and to support each other along the way. For some, the main goal was to lose weight. For others, it was to feel less sluggish throughout the day. We all had one common downfall, though – we enjoyed eating bread too much.

We aren’t talking healthy bread, either. We’re talking processed, bleached, barely-recognisable bread- and lots of it.

We’re a stubborn lot, so we weren’t exactly willing to cut back on the amount of bread we ate. Instead, we opted to try and eat bread made from wholegrain, and to try and avoid any bread that was high-sodium.

This transition was a difficult one for us – we needed another incentive to lure us away from our unhealthy ways.

That’s where bread-makers came in.

Each of us invested money in a breadmaker, and vowed to save the money we would normally spend on loaves of bread for a rainy day. If we purchased bread from the store, or didn’t opt for wholegrain bread when faced with a choice in a restaurant or cafe, we had to fine ourselves a pound.

So, did our plan work?

…sort of.

At first, we used our breadmakers religiously- making several loaves of it a week. We avoided white bread like the plague, even resisting the ritual of ordering a pizza (or two) after a night out…for a few weeks.

Even if we slipped off the pizza-free straight and narrow, we still use our breadmakers at least once a week. We swear by them- even get in touch with us and ask for yourself!

It’s a little-known fact, but breadmakers have been around for 30 years now. That’s older than some members of our team! They didn’t become popular here until the mid-nineties, whereby then the technology had already developed well into many of the modern breadmakers we know today.

So- enough blabbering- give the rest of our site a visit…you can find out the best value breadmaker for you, or, to begin researching some of the best bread making machines in the UK.

Happy bread-making!